Abbey and Mayor (5. Expansion)

Abbey and mayor expansion

This expansion for Carcassonne contains the following game materials:

  • 12 new land tiles
  • 6 abbey tiles
  • 6 manor, made of wood
  • 6 wagons, made of wood
  • and 6 wooden mayors

» This expansion is part of the Carcassonne Big Box. «

At the beginning each players get an abbey tile, one manor and one mayor with their own color. The remaining tiles will be mixed with all the others.

The Abbey tile

At the beginning of your turn, you have the option to place your abbey tile instead of a regular tile. The abbey tile can only be placed in a hole. A hole is a place on the game field, that is surrounded by tiles. Surrounded in that case means, tiles on the left, right, top and bottom, where you want to place your abbey tile. It does not matter if your tile would fit. If there is a bordering street, castle or whatever, it will be finished. The abbey itself will be counted like a monastery, as long as you place a follower on it.

The mayor

The mayor is quite valuable in huge castles.

  • A normal follower has a strength of 1 in a castle.
  • Big followers have a strength of 2.
  • And the mayor has the sum of emblems, that are in a specific castle as strength.

The manor

With the manor it is possible to get followers, which are already lying on a meadow, back this his owner. If you place a manor, it stays there until the end of the game. A manor can only be placed in the middle of 4 land tiles, where none of them has castle pointing to the middle on it.

The wagon

It works like a regular follower, you can place it on streets, in castles and on monasteries. Placing it on a meadow is not allowed. As an example, if you finish a street, that has wagon on it, you have to options. Either you take it back or you can place it immediately on a close-by land tile.

This genius expansion makes Carcassonne way more tricky. Ideally for advanced Carcassonne players.

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