Inns and Cathedrals (1. Expansion)

Inns and Cathedrals
That expansions contains the following game materials:

  • 18 new land tiles
  • Gray followers for a sixth player
  • A big follower for each color.

» Included in the Carcassonne Big Box «

Inns and cathedrals are placed on some of the new land tiles. Lets see what kind of effect those have.


An inn is always located beside a street. If a street, which is connected with an inn, gets completed, the score you get will be doubled. Is a player not able to finish a street, with an inn on it, until the end of the game, he does not get any points.


Cathedrals work kind of the same like inns. Cathedrals are placed inside castles. If a player is able to finish a castle with an cathedral in it, he gets 3 points for each tile as well as for each pennant. If he is not able to complete a castle until the end of the game, he gets no point at all.

Big followers

You use it like the normal followers. The only difference: A big followers counts like 2 normal followers.

Here is a sample:
In a castle are located a RED big follower and a YELLOW normal follower. If the castle gets finished, the RED player gets points, because it is the same like 2 normal followers against 1 normal follower.

The expansion „Inns and cathedrals“ brings a great new opportunities and challenging gameplay. It’s perfectly fine if you are starting to play with expansions and it totally makes fun. I personally recommend this expansion to every Carcassonne player.

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