The Princess and the Dragon (3. Expansion)

The princess and the dragon. (3. expansion)
The 3. expansion „The princess and the dragon“ contains the following game materials:

  • 30 new land tiles
  • A dragon
  • A fairy

» This expansion is included in the Big Box. «

Six of the new land tiles have volcanoes on it, six have magic gateways, six have damsel on it and 12 others have a dragon symbol on it. So there are a lot of new opportunities. Now let´s dig into all of them.

Volcano land tiles

A land tile, which has a volcano on it, is going to be used like any other normal land tile. But you are not allowed to place one of your followers on it, and the dragon will be placed on that land tile.

Dragon land tiles

Place this land tile as usual and you are allowed to place a follower on it.

Now the dragon comes into play.

Case 1: The dragon is not placed on any land tile yet:
If the dragon is not already placed somewhere at that moment, this land tile will be placed apart. You have to pick another land tile. As soon as the dragon comes into play through a volcano land tile, all of the land tiles you placed apart are coming back to the land tile stack. Mix them at least a little bit.

Case 2: The dragon already is on any land tile.
The player, who places the land tile, starts with the first move of the dragon. After that, the next player moves the dragon. The dragon is going to be moved exactly 6 times. It does not matter how many players are playing. The dragon is not allowed to move on the same land tile two times in the same turn. If the dragon walks on a land tile, which has a follower on it, than the follower will be returned to his owner.

Pay attention of dead ends: It is possible that a dragon cannot move anymore, so the turn of the dragon ends.

Magic gateways

If a magic gateway is placed, you are allowed to place a follower on any land tile you want, except on finished streets, castles and so on.

The damsel

Case 1:
You are placing this land tile next to a castle, where a follower is already placed in, you have to remove one of the followers in the castle and give it back to his owner. In that case, you are not allowed to place an own follower in this castle during your current turn, neither you are allowed to place it on a street or meadow.

Case 2:
You place it next to an empty castle or elsewhere, you can place a follower on it as usual.

The fairy

The fairy is kind of a protector. She protects you from the dragon and may earn you some extra points. Anyone, who places a land tile and does not place a follower on it, is allowed to grab the fairy from wherever she currently is to place it on a land tile where you have an own follower on it.

Further features of the fairy:

  • The follower-eating-dragon is not allowed to move on a land tile, where the fairy is on it.
  • If you start your turn and the fairy is placed on a land tile, where also one of your followers is placed on, you get 1 bonus point.
  • As soon as you finish a street, castle or monastery, where one of your followers and the fairy is on it, you get 3 bonus points. It does not matter if you get any points for this specific street/castle/monastery. (e.g. a castle will be finished, where you only have one follower in it, and another player has 2 followers in it. If the fairy is on the same land tile like your follower you get the bonus points.) The fairy stays at the land tile, the follower will be returned to his owner as usual.

As you can image, that specially with this expansion you really really have to play quite strategic. Your brain will be going to heat up a little bit 😉 See what other players say about this expansion => Reviews

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