The Tower (4. Expansion)

With the Tower expansion it is time to stack some towers.

You get the following with this expansion:

  • 18 new land tiles
  • 30 wooden towers
  • 1 tower, you have to build together.

This is how you setup

The new tower land tiles are going to be mixed with all the other land tiles. After that you put them in the one big tower, you have to put together first. Depending on the number of player everyone gets the following number of wooden towers:

  • 2 player: 10 towers
  • 3 player: 9 towers
  • 4 players: 7 towers
  • 5 players: 6 towers
  • 6 players: 5 towers

How to play?

The first player starts as usual with picking a land tile from the big tower and places it somewhere. And now the player has 4 opportunities:

  1. The player places a follower on the current land tile.
  2. The player places a wooden tower on a arbitrary tower tile on the game field.
  3. The player places a one of his wooden towers on top of another wooden tower, that is already located on the game field.
  4. Or he places a follower on top of a wooden tower, which means the construction of the tower is finished.

The one, who places a tower, is allowed to caught a follower of another player that is already placed on the game field. A caught follower will be placed in front of the captor.

Some more rules to caught a follower:

  • It is only allowed to caught a follower, that is on the same land tile or that is exactly one land tile away in a horizontal or vertical direction from where you have placed a tower.

If there is a second tower placed on another, you are allowed to caught followers, that are 2 land tiles away. If there are three towers on above the other, you can caught followers 3 land tiles away. And so on, and so on. A tower can become endless high.

As soon as a follower will be placed on a tower, the construction of the tower is completed. The follower on the tower stays there until the end of the game.

If two players caught a follower each other, the followers will be returned immediately to their respective owners.

A follower can also return to you if you pay for it as well. Paying for a followers means, that you have to go back 3 fields and your opponent, who has caught your follower, is allowed to go 3 fields forward. The repurchased follower can be used instantly.

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