Traders and Builders (2. Expansion)

Traders and Builders
The second expansion of Carcassonne contains the following material:

  • 24 new land tiles
  • 6 builders + 6 pigs in each color
  • Cloth bag ( Storage for new land tiles )
  • Goods tokens

» Expansion is included in the big box. «

One of the most trickiest and most exciting expansion of Carcassonne. 20 of the new 24 new land tiles are castles, which have good symbols on it. Grain, cloth and wine. All goods do have the same function. Places a player a land tile, that finishes a castle, which has good symbols in it, that players gets a good token per picture good in this castle.

No matter what followers are in the castle, it just counts who has finished the castle. The player gets all goods tokens.

Valuation of goods tokens

Goods tokens gets counted at the end of the game. The player, who has the most goods tokens of a specific good (grain, cloth, wine) gets 10 bonus points.
If 2 players have the same amount of goods token, both players gets awarded with 10 bonus points.


A builder can be placed on a street or castle, which has at least one own follower placed on it. If in the next or a later turn, somebody continues to build on a street or castle, where a builder is located on, he is allowed to make another move.


  • There is no 3. move, even it you continue to build on the same castle/street.
  • If you build in a later turn on a street/castle, with a builder on it, you can do a second move of course.
  • You do not get any extra points for a builder.


The pig can only be placed on meadows, which already has at least one own follower on it and there it will remain until the end of the game.
The possession of the meadow is determined at the end only by the followers. If you get points for a meadow at the end, where you also have a pig on it, you receive 4 instead of 3 points for each castle.

As I mentioned in the beginning, things are getting tricky with that expansion.

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